A contract well thought through is the tool that keeps business on the right track and ensures the management of changes or an amicable exit when needed. A contract is risk management. Our role and task is to provide right and solid legal solutions in line with the interests and strategy of the client.

Sales and Distribution, Industry 

The majority of our Finnish and foreign clientele is engaged in the manufacturing or distribution of plant and industrial equipment and products or consumer goods. We strive to provide solutions to whatever the issue may be in the course of traditional sales and agency agreements, eCommerce, setting up an own sales organization or other contractual issue.

Industry means complex contractual arrangements related to asset deliveries, subcontracting and posting or leasing labor. We further advise when it comes to the participation in, or complaints or other disputes concerning, public procurements.

Corporate, M&A and Private Equity  

Corporate, M&A (asset and share sales and purchases), corporate restructuring and private equity are a traditional part of our legal work. We conduct legal due diligences and, working together with our partners, financial due diligences in respect of target companies. We further advise our clients in various M&A arrangements and corporate restructurings, in setting up subsidiaries or establishing various corporate vehicles and in contractual and financial arrangements related thereto, including private equity.

Dispute Resolution

Our attorneys and lawyers have several decades of experience in litigation and in institutional or ad hoc commercial arbitration under different arbitration rules in Finland and Europe where we have close working relationships with foreign colleagues. Our partner Gerrit van Setten is also admitted to the German Bar and to appear before German courts.

We assist our clients in collecting their commercial debts.

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